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Conference at Bilbao in April 2015

Air Liquide presented ALGLASS HeatOx technology status during industrial combustion session. Preheating of oxygen and natural gas to 450°C will be implemented industrially.

The paper presented a compact, separate jet, oxy-fuel burner coupled to a heat exchanger, specifically tailored for mid-size furnaces (100-200tpd), such as a container glass furnace. The results of 1MW and 2MW HeatOx burners with oxygen and natural gas preheated by hot air to 450°C showed robust performance: NOx levels in the flue gases below 150 ppm, pressure drop less than 100 mbar for oxygen and natural gas in the preheating system, and 2 – 3m of flame length. Oxygen and natural gas is preheated with a newly designed heat exchanger which can feed oxygen and natural gas to multiple burners independently.