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Pre-heating oxygen at 450°C and natural gas at 450°C in oxy-fuel furnaces allows to increase energy efficiency with profitable initial investment compared to air fired glass.

Nexelia for Melting-Heat Oxy-combustion is an innovative technology that consists of preheating oxygen and natural gas at high temperature generated by combustion fumes. Compared to oxy-combustion without preheating, it reduces fuel and oxygen consumption to the extent that oxy-combustion is economically beneficial to all types of glass.

Energy savings

Using pure oxygen instead of air improves the combustion efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. By preheating the oxygen and fuel (natural gas), Heat oxy-combustion maximizes the performance of oxy- combustion by providing 10% more energy savings than oxy-combustion without preheating.

Lower pollutant emissions

Burning pure preheated oxygen and fuel reduces consumption, thus decreasing CO2 emissions by an additional 10% compared to oxy-combustion without preheating. 

What’s more, thanks to our patented hot oxy-fuel burners, NOx emissions also remain extremely low, with up to 90% reduction compared to combustion air.

Flexible energy sourcing

Heat oxy-combustion operates with pure hot oxygen and natural gas or fuel-oil as combustible. It can also operate with air or cold oxygen and cold fuel in a back up mode. This tremendous flexibility helps you reduce energy sourcing dependency and associated risks.

Capex reduction

Equipment to preheat lower volumes of combustion oxygen is less expensive than equipment to preheat larger volumes of combustion air.

LIFE EcoHeat-Ox

Project funded by European Commission for helping industry to reduce its environmental footprint.

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