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Paşabahçe Bulgaria

Paşabahçe Bulgaria is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sisecam group, an industrial group with the main activity fields of glass and chemicals production. The group is in a leading position in business lines covering all basic fields of glass such as float glass, glass household articles, glass packaging and glass fiber as well as soda and chromium compounds.

Founded by Türkiye İs Bankasi in 1935 upon Atatürk‘s directives, Sisecam celebrated its 75th year in 2010. Placing priority on meeting the glass product requirement of the country in the initial period following its foundation, Sisecam entered the world markets in a strong and challenging manner beginning from the 1960s in line with the “our market is the world” principle, and entered into a rapid growth phase by diversifying its activities following 1970.

Ranking among the third to seventh in the world depending on sorting criteria, Sisecam is considered among the most distinguished manufacturers in the world in its field, with the scale it has reached, its degree of specialization and strongly competitive activities.

The contemporary management and industrialism principles which conveyed Sisecam to the present are, the factors such as high institutionalization level, market and R&D focus; and they constitute the foundations of a stronger Şişecam in the future.

Sisecam‘s vision is to become the leader of its habitat covering the neighborhood countries in its activity fields. Besides the large-scale investments it has realized abroad in the recent years, its initiatives in planning and implementation stage in several other countries, constitute the most important steps of Sisecam‘s journey towards fulfilling its vision.

Stocks of Sisecam, the parent company of the Group which has been carrying on its activities at the facilities established in thirteen countries with 21,000 employees, as well as the stocks of its companies Trakya Cam, Anadolu Cam, Denizli Cam and Soda Sanayi are traded in İstanbul Stock Exchange.

LIFE EcoHeat-Ox

Project funded by European Commission for helping industry to reduce its environmental footprint.

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