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Summary of LIFE Eco-HeatOx results

The LIFE+ project has started in December 2013 with full-oxy conversion of a tableware glass furnace.

The furnace is equipped with 10 Glass melting burners FC and Glass melting burners FC VM. The first obtained results demonstrated a positive impact on:

  • NOx emissions
  • CO2 emissions
  • Dust and particulates
  • Fuel consumption

The second step of the project involves preheating oxygen and natural gas in order to reduce the environmental footprint of oxy-fuel combustion by flue gas heat recovery, as fewer reactants are required for combustion. The furnace was converted during the second half of 2015. The positive effect on fuel consumption is already evident.

All the project’s results are given in the Layman’s Report, to be uploaded from our website.

LIFE EcoHeat-Ox

Project funded by European Commission for helping industry to reduce its environmental footprint.

Project Description