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Air Liquide and Sisecam presents ALGLASS Heatox at Parma conference

In order to address smaller scale furnaces, between 100 tpd to 300 tpd, such as those of reinforcement fiber, insulation fiber, container or tableware glass sectors, Air Liquide in partnership with SISECAM is installing ALGLASS Heatox technology one.

Air Liquide in partnership with SISECAM are tailoring HeatOx equipments for medium and small size furnaces used in tableware, container and fibers sector. The equipment has been tested and validated for O2 and natural gas temperature up to 500°C. Multiple burners can be simultaneously operated with independent power control and fast response with load (reactants flows) variations. The dedicated ALGLASS HeatOx burner has been characterized at pilot scale. It has shown following features:

  • Compact and operable with hot and cold reactants
  • Constant flame length (~3m) with hot and cold reactants.
  • NOx level under 200 ppm at any given power.
  • Flame luminosity enhancement. Industrialization of the technology is under way at one of the SISECAM plants in Europe.

Acknowledgment: Air Liquide and SISECAM thanks European commission for supporting Eco-Heatox project through its LIFE funding program.